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Complaints and compliments

Owncare Ltd Complaints Policy

Clients using the service and their nominated representative can be sure that their complaints and comments will be listened to and acted upon.

We have an open approach to the receipt of complaints and we welcome constructive suggestions and ideas which will be reviewed and adopted wherever possible.

We aim to ensure that you and your relatives and friends are confident your complaints will be listened to, taken seriously and acted upon.

We have clear procedures which are followed on receipt of any concerns or complaint.

Our complaints procedure is available for download below this page or in printed format by contacting Gail by telephone on 07964 758 567 or by email gail@owncare.co.uk. Alternatively you can write and request a complaints form from:

Owncare Ltd
79 Norton Street
Old Trafford Manchester

If you are not satisfied with the findings or outcomes once the complaint has been considered you have the right to pursue your complaint with any advocacy service.

You and your representatives will be treated fairly and your concerns responded to in a way that respects your human rights and diversity. We will ensure that you are not discriminated against should you make a complaint.

Your legal rights will be protected at all times.

Owncare Ltd Complaints Procedure

It is our objective to ensure that you are provided with a high level of service and safety such that you should never feel the need to make a complaint.

However, should you or your relative or friend, ever have cause to complain, we would urge you to speak with us about it immediately. Complaints are taken very seriously and will be thoroughly investigated.

You will receive a letter to acknowledge your complaint has been received within 7 days and you will then be advised within 28 days of the action, if any , that has to be taken.

In the first instance you should speak about the problem with your broker who will do everything possible to resolve the problem. If you are not satisfied with outcome approach the Director with your complaint.

At this stage your complaint will be entered into the formal complaints register and a record of the details will be made in a separate form that protects your confidentiality.

If at any time you feel that we have not upheld our principles or fulfilled your expectations we value your feedback and promise to listen to your concerns, investigate them fully and provide you will a prompt explanation on what we have done to resolve the matter .

Should you require any help or advice making your complaint you can contact your local independent complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS) or make use of the POhWER   www.pohwer.net/

Download Complaints policy (Word 2003)